Chapter 1: Come back, Squirtle!

Route 1

John: "Almost to Pallet Town! I'm gonna get my first Pokemon!"

The Grass rustled.

John: "What is that?"

A Squirtle appeared and sprayed water on John's face and runs.

John: *falls over* "Woah! Where did that guy come from!?"

???: "This way Charles!"

Charles: "Coming Professor!"

An Old man with a lab coat passed through while a boy stopped.

Charles: *Looks at John* "...Stay away from my Squirtle."

The boy leaves.

John: *Gets up* "What was that about? Better follow them."

Viridian City

The Squirtle runs into the Viridian Gym.

???: "In there!" *Runs inside the Viridian Gym*

Charles: "Coming!" *Runs Inside the Viridian Gym*

John quickly enters Viridian City.

John: "Oh no, the Gym door is open. No-one is in there yet!" *Follows them in the Viridian Gym*

Viridian City Gym

At the end of the Gym, The Old man and The Kid cornered Squirtle but were unable to catch it.

???: "It escaped again!"

Charles: "Try this Great Ball." *Throws Great Ball*

It shakes Twice before Squirtle escapes.

Charles: "Darn it!"

John enters the building.

John: "Uh, guys the Gym is off limits until you have Seven Badges and the Gym Leader is here."

???: Hm? You boy! Help us!

Charles: Professor! Don't you know who he is?

???: Shh! You'll scare Squirtle!

John runs to them.

John: "What do you want me to do?"

???: This Squirtle got released from it's Pokeball for no reason, and we need to catch it!

John: "Why, is it his?" *Points to the kid.*

Charles: "My name is Charles."

John: "No need for rudeness."

???: Keep focused, boy! Choose a Pokemon!

John: "Okay!" *Grabs Pokeball* Go!

Bulbasaur pops out.

John: "Sweet, a Bulbasaur! Bulbasaur, Vine Whip!

Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip and Dazes Squirtle.

John: "Go! Pokeball!"

Squirtle was caught.

John: "Yeah! I recaptured Squirtle!"

Charles: "Give me that. *Takes Pokeball with Squirtle* Later."

The Door suddenly opens.

???: "Gramps! What are you doing here?"

Oak: "Ah, Blue! I see you're back from Cinnibar."

Blue: "Yeah. I trained alot back there. *Spots John* What are you doing in here?"

John: "Me?"

Blue: "Yes you! Did you steal anything?!"

Oak: "Blue, calm down. John, you can have the Bulbasaur."

John: "Really?"

Oak: "Yes."

Blue: "Gramps! What are you doing?!"

John: "Alright! I have a Bulbasaur!

Chapter 1 Complete.

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