Chapter 2: Remembering Old Memories

Route 2

As John was training, he looked at Bulbasaur.

John: "Bulbasaur... I feel like I've seen you."

He flashes back.

John: Ok, here's the plan. If we infiltrate through the overpass, we may stop the truck.

???: But how?

????: Shut it!

John: Quiet! We don't have much time, and this is not a good place to plan.

?????: But how will we stop it? Have any idea?

???: We can use that Bulbasaur.

John: Perfect! Now, we will........

He cuts back.

John: Woah!

???: I've spotted him.

?????: How can we bring him back? To get him to remember?

????: You ask too many questions.

???????: Hmph. If this is where his path led down, he is doomed.

???: Sir! Uh...

???????: That's enough Alacia.

????: You just got burned!

Alacia: Shut it!

John: I hear something.

???????: Gah! Evacuate!

John: .......Must be my imagination.

Finished Chapter 2.

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