Chapter 3: The Shadow Force's Dragovoch

Pewter City

Man: It's him! Run!

Everybody hides at the sight of John.

John: What's going on? who's here?

Woman: Don't act dumb, Copper!

The nickname Copper gave him flashbacks.

John: Brother, I need help.

???????: Yeah? What is it, Li'l bro?

John: Don't call me that. Follow me.

???????: Okay.

John: Auuugh!

John flashes in and out of his memory while an unknown person appears.

???????: This has all been a wild goose chase, huh?

John snapped out. The museum was on fire.

John: Gah! What happened!

???????: Hahahaha! Do you see what your power can do?

John: What are you talking about?

???????: if you just remembered enough while I burnt the museum, you would know, Li'l bro.

Then it hits him.

John: Wait, brother!

???????: Hahaha! Now you remember.

John: Dragovoch, I...

Dragovoch: Enough! Now let's see how you fare against the Dragonite you gave me.

John: Wait, Drago-

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