The Shadow Force is an evil Organization planned for enslavement of the world. This group captures only the strongest Pokemon and uses them to force people to work for them. Their members are usually foreign. The Shadow Force is in Pokemon Ultimate Adventures

Members Edit

These are the main members (Masters) of the Shadow Force. They are arranged from weakest to strongest.

Alacia "Frost" Harron

Alacia is the Ice Master of the Shadow Force. Her Pokemon freezes their opponent and finishes them off. She is very strategic and finds ways to overcome opponents easily, even when the opponent has a type stronger than Ice.

Danny "Sky" Reginald

Danny is the Flying Master of the Shadow Force. His Pokemon Will bring their opponent up high and drop them. His Pokemon are very fast and hard to hit. When you do hit his Pokemon, he heals them back up.

Harry "Bulldozing" Renan

Harry is the Ground Master of the Shadow Force. His Pokemon will go underground and Attack from below. His attacks are deadly and threatening.

Dendra "Draco" Warren

Dendra is the Dragon Master of the Shadow Force. He is the second strongest Member of the Shadow Force. His Pokemon are powerful and deadly. He will stop at nothing to destroy his opponents.

Dragovoch "Topaz" Bolder

Dragovoch is the Diversity Master of the Shadow Force. He is the strongest Member of the Shadow Force. He controls multiple types of Pokemon and can annihilate opponents with ease.

Ex-Members Edit

These are the Main Members that quit the Shadow Force.

Daniel "Fighter" Rento

Daniel was the Fighting Master of the Shadow Force. His Pokemon are quick and powerful. Their hits can easily K.O. Your Pokemon. He left when he found out the true plot of the Shadow Force.

Ronald "Average" Floran

Ronald was the Normal Master of the Shadow Force. Despite his name, his Pokemon are strong. He is strategic and can time his attacks and defenses perfectly. He left when Daniel told him Shadow Force's True goal.

John "Copper" Bolder

John was the Diversity Master and was the strongest of the Main Members until he was replaced by his brother. His Pokemon were mostly Legendaries and had perfect timing, could predict enemy moves, and can command his Pokemon through his mind. He left when Arceus took the darkness in him away and couldn't remember anything.

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